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Case Study: Custom Residential Rainwater System

Updated: May 27, 2020

Project Team

General Contractor: Son-Built Homes

Designer: Son-Built Homes

Supplier: BARR Plastics

Installer: University Sprinklers


R2000, Net Zero Energy Home

BARR Product

Graf Carat Storage Capacity 1700 usg x 9 tanks in series

The Project

As part of the R-2000 Net Zero Energy Home pilot project by Natural Resources Canada, SonBuilt Custom Homes Ltd. and University Sprinklers have successfully installed the largest residential GRAF rainwater harvesting system. The nine 1,700 U.S. gallon GRAF Carat tanks from BARR were installed belowground, connected together for a maximum storage capacity of 15,300 gallons of rainwater via a downspout. The rain collected will be used for a variety of basic home and landscape needs, including irrigation, vehicle washing,  flushing toilets, and running laundry. Similar projects under the Net Zero Energy initiative are expected to take place in the near future for approximately 20 other homes across Canada.

The Graf Carat Tanks pictured below can also be used in a stormwater management application, or for portions of a septic or wastewater treatment system.

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