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Case Study: Sharc Energy

We recently worked with Sharc Energy, a renewable energy company based in Coquitlam BC, to design and create a system that recovers heat from wastewater to water heating and space conditioning.

So how does this work? Essentially, water is heated for a variety of uses, including showering or doing laundry. The water is then flushed down the drain, where the wasted heat energy is captured and redistributed for other purposes, such as heating or cooling your home.

The system uses the heat created in wastewater processes, such as showers, washing laundry, and flushing toilets and redirects this energy into other household energy-consuming. Not only is this a sustainable and eco-friendly use of energy, but also allows a homeowner to save on their water heating and home heating costs by a significant amount.

This innovative project involved the use of 2 10,000 USG vertical tanks that were custom modified. Some of the modifications to the tanks include the removal of the dome top and the addition of an 2' x 4'aluminum checkerplate hatch that can seal and lock, as well as the related fittings to accommodate the changes.

Visit our website to view more septic and wastewater projects and photos!

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