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Compare Features: Pallet & Bushel Hopper Bins

BARR now carries four different styles of pallet & bushel hopper bins, each with unique characteristics to suit specific job requirements or limitations.

Pallet Bin 6552 | Portable storage of treated seed

The Pallet 6552 is a 52 bushel bin made for the rigorous conditions of portable storage. This unit is mounted on a welded steel stand, making it tough and easily transported via forklift or pallet jack. The 6552 is a great option if you're looking for large storage to eliminate bulk bags, don't need stacking container options,

Pallet Bin 4840 | Portable storage of seed, fertilizer, feed, and more

The 4840 is unique in that these bins are stackable, making efficient storage easier than ever. When empty, the 4840 bins nest together, cutting down unnecessary storage space. This bin also features 4-way entry via pallet or forklift , a snap-on lid, and a 15 degree hopper bottom. This pallet bin is ideal for those seeking great storage capabilities and convenience.

Pallet Bin 120100 | Large quantity portable storage of seed, fertilizer, feed, and more

This unit features a spring loaded lid hinge with cord for ground level access and fully steel slider assembly with rollers. The pallet bin 120100 is a 100 bushel container best suited to those looking for large quantity storage solutions that can still be transported with a forklift or pallet jack and want less units on a site.

Bushel Hopper Bins | Large quantity storage for treated seed, livestock feed, and more.

Choose from a 100 or 150 bushel hopper bins. These are stationary storage solutions, with high-impact poly plastic and resilient steel stands, as well as a 0-45 degree adjustable boot and slider. This is an ideal product option for farmers or others in the agricultural industry looking for a livestock feed bin or storage for leftover treated seed.

Get more information on any of these units by contacting us to speak with a member of our team. We're open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST.

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