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Custom Tanks for Any Application

Plastic tanks can be modified and customized to suit many different applications! Standard tanks can be custom-modified to suit your needs and work for you. One of the most common tank modification requests is for closed-top tanks to be converted to open-top mixing tanks. This is usually done for agricultural purposes, such as mixing feed or chemicals; most of these applications require large openings for mix equipment and/or filling and emptying.

This type of change can be made to conical, elliptical, sloped, or flat-bottomed tanks depending on what base suits the intended use. Be sure to consult with an expert to make sure that you're getting the correct style of tank for the project and/or materials involved.

These custom mixing tanks can also be used for large commercial uses, such as mixing paints, food and beverage items, or even pharmaceutical and biotech materials/products. Customizations can be made to almost all of our tanks, even for small capacity tanks for residential or personal projects.

We also manufacture custom mixing equipment to fit onto your tank of choice, creating the perfect custom tank suited exactly to your needs and to the product or materials being mixed.

The possibilities are endless! Contact us for more information on how we can design and create the perfect solution for you.

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