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Floating Dock Project Highlights 2022

Through out all of 2022, we saw some amazing floating docks finish up and hit the water.

Today, we wanted to go over our list of top projects that we shared on our social media channels during the year.

Click on the photos to expand and view the full image.

1. Saskatchewan Marina Revamp

One of the biggest projects we have supplied dock floats for, this Saskatchewan Marina got approval for a full revamp and contracted one of excellent customers for the project.

Over 5 truckloads of dock floats were delivered and most recently we delivered all the dock edging and corners that were used. Additionally we supplied some of the hardware used and some of the dock safety cleats used.

2. T-Shape Wooden DIY Dock out of Merritt, BC

This beautiful DYI floating project has easily become one of the all time greats. The flush SunWalk Decking with the dark wood trim and white dock edging & safety cleats really brings the entire floating dock together.

Really great inspiration for anyone wanting to build their own DYI dock.

3. T-Shape Wooden DIY Dock out of Vancouver Island, BC

Same style as our last featured, this fully wooden deck is a prime example of why residential cottage owners choose wood over aluminum docks.

The builder of this dock did a great job to hide the dock floats, creating an almost levitating appearance to this dock. Definitely a bigger investment using all wood, but the results speak for themselves.

4. L-Shape Wooden DIY Dock out of Hope, BC

The lake this dock was placed in definitely enhances the look of this dock, but even on its own this floating dock is stunning.

The owner of this dock took an extra step of adding in a concrete platform to anchor the dock to, which is great thinking for longevity of the dock.

5. T- Shape Wooden DIY Dock out of Kamloops, BC

Next up, a dock coming from Kamloops, BC.

This dock used our widest Wooden Frame Dock Kits available, three sets of 10' x 20' for maximum space and weight capacity.

The T-shape design and dock edging allow for a boat to be moored to the dock and still be protected.

6. Custom Wooden DIY Dock out of Abbotsford, BC

You can check out the before photos on our LinkedIn, this was a dock that was badly in need of a replacement.

The finished product came out great, with loads of space to fit park visitors. This dock was made for the Fraser Valley Waterski Club, which use it often to board their boats.

7. Dragon Boat Launch Platforms out of Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Every year, the Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta Race takes place at the Harrison Hot Springs. An incredibly intense competition that brings in a lot of spectators to the lake.

Three separate docks were built, with our SunWalk decking, safety cleats and some dock edging installed.

8. Custom Boathouse Project out of Sakinaw Lake, BC

Lastly, we wanted to highlight this custom boathouse project that used our dock floats and mounting hardware.

A project that requires skilled contractors to pull off, came out looking great. A good note for anyone looking to replicate something along these lines is the need for weight calculation.

This weight is crucial to picking out which dock floats are going to be required to keep the whole structure stable and afloat.

Looking for Dock floats or Dock Building Components? Check out all we have to offer:

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