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Case Study: Firefighting Flat Skid System

Updated: May 27, 2020

The Challenge:

Due to more frequent dry weather and forest fires in BC, a notable Forestry Management company required more fast response but economical fire-fighting equipment that would fit quickly onto their existing trucks and equipment with no significant modifications to the vehicles.

The Solution:

The customer provided us with the truck and we custom designed and manufactured a skid mounted 1035 US Gallon quick response firefighting unit with a high performance fire-fighting pump and foam injector kit.


  • 1035 USG Elliptical Leg Tank

  • 300 PSI Waterax High Performance Fire Fighting Pump

  • 1.5” Universal Fire Hose Connections (x2)

  • 2” Dust Control Spraybar System

  • 20 USG Foam Injector Kit

  • Internal Baffle Ball Surge Stabilizers

This system was designed and manufactured by BARR Plastics to the customers specification.

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