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Introducing the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Introducing the next generation of GRAF infiltration ditch modules. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart is a versatile system, able to be used for stormwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting. Ecobloc Inspect Smart is a combination of the best features from Maxx (logistics efficiency) & Inspect Flex ( HS25 loading, access for clean/inspection), all in one complete system.

This new generation of block offer numerous advantages and upgrades to the process, making shipping and installation easier and quicker, allowing for a wider variety of installation depth options, and making inspection and connections easier than ever before.

  • Save space: the patented design offers advantages throughout the logistics chain. This saves considerable costs on sites where storage space is limited (e.g. in urban areas for large construction sites).

  • Inspect and clean at high pressure: the complete infiltration ditch can be checked via the standard inspection channel and can be safely cleaned at high pressure. With its integrated track, the EcoBloc Inspect Smart is optimized for inspection using commercially available camera systems.

  • Save on labour: EcoBloc Inspect Smart products are designed for simple and effortless installation. Each module weighs just 10 kg and its shape is easy to grip and carry. The straightforward "click"-together system enables faster assembly with less effort.

System Overview

Choose from three different models for the perfect fit:

  • EcoBloc Inspect Smart: the standard module for implementing large storage volumes in a typical installation window.

  • EcoBloc Inspect Smart plus: the reinforced module for implementing large storage volumes with shallow earth coverings or deep installation depths.

  • EcoBloc Inspect Smart ultra: The high-performance module for storage volumes with very deep earth coverings or installation depths.

See individual product specs below:

System Design

Patented design provides ideal stability characteristics

The new design of the EcoBloc Inspect Smart, plus, and ultra is optimized for use as an underground structure for rainwater infiltration and retention. The patented pillar arrangement and the deck structure significantly reduce load columns and optimize the distribution of forces. Reduced layer heights compared to competitors and unidirectional pillars spread loads evenly and precisely through the system.

With conically mirrored designs, load columns can occur or have to be reduced by increasing the wall thickness. Each conical support column in the Graf EcoBloc Inspect Smart is supported by the layer below without causing accumulated stress to columns.

Conventional infiltration ditch elements EcoBloc Inspect Smart Principle

Repeating pattern

The arrangement of modules in a multi-layered EcoBloc Inspect Smart system also provides a stability advantage in terms of lateral resistance. The pattern and the even distribution/arrangement of the deck plates, which give strength to the entire infiltration structure, are not interrupted at any point.

Each layer provides a suitable deck structure at the same time intervals for lateral strength. This is a particular advantage in deep installation situations where considerable lateral forces can occur.

The arrangement of conventional system elements (1-0-2-0-1) can result in an uneven distribution of lateral strength within the deck structures. The recurring constant pattern (1-1-1-1-1) is formed simultaneously from the bottom to the top layer in the EcoBloc Inspect Smart system.

Distribution of resistance

Conventional infiltration ditch elements EcoBloc Inspect Smart Principle

Contact Us

Want to learn even more about this innovative system? Contact a stormwater management systems specialist at BARR Plastics to get literature, case studies, photos from recently-completed jobsites, more details on installation conditions, the new Smart shaft infiltration system, and more.

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