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Permaport Xpress Floating PWC Dock - Fall Sale!

Our extremely popular personal watercraft (PWC) floating dock is going on sale for fall!

Only for a limited time and while stock allows, you can pick up a brand-new Xpress port for 15% off. These ports are heavy-duty and can be used for both residential and commercial applications. For ordering, please head over to our page:

What is a PWC dock?

PWC's are -in general- a good size investment that require regular maintenance in order to continue working well during its entire product life. Part of that maintenance is ensuring your PWC doesn't corrode or get damaged due to water conditions.

PWC docks help resolve this issue, by providing an easy way to remove your PWC from the water. This prevents any random debris that may be kicked up inside the water from damaging your watercraft. If you're in a saltwater environment, this is an extra benefit has salt in the water can corrode the hull of your PWC. PWC docks additionally provide phenomenal short-term storage, avoiding the need to fully pull your PWC from the water.

The Permaport Xpress

The successor to the original Permaport, the Xpress is a new and improved PWC dock that accommodates most larger sizes of JET SKI, Sea-Doo, Yamaha and other major PWC brands.

The redesign is wider & longer to comfortably fit the larger PWCs and is rotationally molded and EPS foam filled. Combined with its commercially graded adjustable wheels, you can rest assure this PWC dock will last and preform for years to come.


Lastly, the Permaport Xpress has three accessory products available to make your docking and un-docking and experience you look forward to, not just something you do at the end of your day.

Universal Mounting kits - An easy way to mount your Xpress dock to any floating or permanent dock. Our kit eliminates metal-to-metal contact and fits all standard mounting applications.

Wide Boarding Walkway (Xpress Walk) - An easy way to join two Xpress docks while adding an extra 20 inches of walking space. The Xpress Walk also adds stability between the Xpress docks making it extremely easy to board and dismount PWCs.

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