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Rainwater Harvesting as a Sustainable Solution This Earth Day

This year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, a day set to remind us about the environmental crisis our planet continues to face. We are continuously reminded about the need for transformational change from individuals and organizations across the world as we work towards a sustainable future for everyone.

As sustainability continues to become more of a priority and a necessity, we wanted to highlight a simple yet effective way for saving one of the Earth’s most precious natural resources, water. Rain is the primary source of most of the fresh water in the world, so why not collect it and use it for typical daily use?

What is rainwater harvesting?

The collection of rainwater is known by many names throughout the world and can commonly be understood as rainwater harvesting. It refers to the practice of collecting rainwater from a roof or other surface and repurposing it for freshwater supplies. Water collected is typically used as a non-potable source for uses such as toilet flushing, washing clothing, and irrigation. If the water is treated it can also be used as potable water for drinking, dishwashing or bathing.

How does it work?

Rainwater harvesting is a viable solution in an urban setting. This system typically consists of gutters or conduits that convey rainfall from a catchment area – such as a roof or paved area – to a tank for storage and later use. Water exceeding the cistern capacity can be diverted to a soakaway or vegetated area for groundwater recharge, or to municipal sewers.

The benefits of rainwater collection

  • Rainwater is a relatively clean and absolutely free source of water

  • You have total control over your water supply (ideal for cities with water restrictions)

  • It is socially acceptable and environmentally responsible

  • It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water

  • Rainwater is better for landscape plants and gardens because it is not chlorinated

  • It reduces stormwater runoff from homes and businesses

  • It can provide an excellent back-up source of water for emergencies

Two 5,000 Litre Platin Water Tanks

Doing your part to save water

By implementing a rainwater harvesting system, you can take control of your water supply and replace all or at least a substantial portion of your water needs. Barr Plastics offers several different options when it comes to rainwater harvesting tanks, from narrow-profile storage tanks kept aboveground to large platin tanks stored underground.

To learn more about our rainwater harvest options, visit or call us at 1.800.665.4499.

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