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Salt Brine Application Equipment - 2022 Recap

Next up on our recap series, our Salt Brine Application Equipment.

This division constantly sees standard and custom units throughout the entire year, with peak season being fall/winter.

For larger units/orders, we strongly recommend planning at least 6 months in advance as these units are custom made and take time to fabricate and assemble.

P.S. Click on the titles to learn more!

The first thing we wanted to go over is the cost savings in using salt brine when compared to road salt. Our infographic below goes over exactly that:

Infographic comparing Salt Brine vs Road Salt pricing for winter road maintenance.
Pickup truck with a COMBO275 installed on top. This unit is used for salt brine mixing & spraying.

Now onto our units! First up is our COMBO275, for parkway and private lot maintenance. This unit both makes and sprays salt brine.

This unit was made for contractors with smaller operations looking to get the best value solution for their property maintenance operations.

Simplicity is key with this unit, no complicated set-up and brine mixing process. Simply fill to minimum water level, add the right amount of salt and then finish loading the unit with water.

Our streamlined design ensures a long product lifespan with low repair costs.

This year this unit was high in-demand, and we were happy to help all of our customers needed a salt brine maker and sprayer unit.

Pickup truck with a COMBO350 mounted on the tailgate. This unit is for salt brine making and also serves as a de-icing sprayer.

One model up, our COMBO350 is part of our Brine Maker & Applicator Low-profile Series.

Slightly bigger than our 275, this unit features a one-piece corrosion resistant shell, custom made by BARR. A lot of features can be removed and added to this unit, upon request.

The spray bar can be controlled from the cab of the truck, saving costs on product when maintaining larger parking lots and private properties.

This unit had a face-lift in 2022, going from 300 USG to 350. Many of the improvements we make to our units are based of customer feedback.

Picture of 750 USG Salt Brine Maker with optional storage tank behind it.

The larger version of our brine makers, the SBS750 was extremely popular at the end of 2022.

Commonly paired with a storage tank, this unit is "plug and play" by design, allowing it to be installed into many different environments and configurations.

All our units in the salt brine division are meant for expansion, growing alongside the needs of your operations. This same model is often used in high-production brine facilities, used by contractors in charge of municipality winter road maintenance.

Next up, our Self-Loading Brine Applicator. As is with most things in life, seeing is believing so here is a video of the applicator in action.

This unit is perfect for business wanting to get more out of their dump trucks during the winter. Our unit fits to specification and is incredibly easy to install.

The assembly in the video is powered by a hydraulic pump, which needs to be installed by the owner. Electric & gas pump versions are all assembled in-house by BARR.

Direct-to-Deck Brine Applicator

Picture of a flatbed heavy duty truck with a direct-to-deck salt brine applicator installed.

Lastly, a design that we don't see too often, our Direct-to-Deck Brine Applicator.

This unit - as the name implies - bolts in directly to the deck of a heavy-duty truck. Similar in style to our frame-mount series, without the frame.

This unit is best-fit for contractors that are wanting to transform a truck into a salt-brine applicator on a budget.

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