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Selecting the Right Insulated Container

Insulated containers are the ideal solution to many cold storage business needs across multiple industries. With so many different kinds to choose from, you'll need to know exactly what goes into the design of each and how it will be right for your specific business need. Whether industrial or commercial, there's an insulated container for every use, from live transport to frozen food shipment to meat and poultry handling and processing.

There are several cost-saving and practical benefits to using insulated containers. The double-walled insulated containers provide temperature control, protection, and superior durability. Here are some of the individual characteristics that distinguish some of our insulated containers to help you select the right fit:

(1) Live transport containers. These totes are multi-functional with hinged lids for varied accessibility and secure water-tight locking. These bins are also manufactured to specific sizes to hold a certain amount of cages, and with strategically placed plugs to hold/drain water which is crucial to live transport.

In order: the D345 and D337.

(2) Dry ice containers. These containers specifically are typically a low-density polyethylene for better temperature control and protection. BARR offers a variety of sizes, including chest-style and upright-style. If you're transporting frozen foods, dairy products such as ice cream, or other products that need to be kept at below-freezing temperatures, these bins are the right pick!

In order: the PB02, PB55, PB35 Mini, and PB57.

(3) General transport/seafood handling/meat handling. These bins are equipped with double-walled insulated sides and lids, and many come with the option to order additional hinged lids to suit every application. These bins are suitable for many different species of fish, as well as meat and poultry. Totes are built to stack and be moved via pallet jack or forklift, making rapid transportation and storage easy and practical. Similarly to the above containers, these multi-purpose containers include drainage for easy cleaning, and smooth walls for sanitization.

In order: the D327, D660/D660T, D332,

Still not sure which line is right for you? Don't see exactly what you need? Contact us today to get advice on the right container for your unique needs. Customizations are available for many of the products listed here, as well as additional sizes and add-ons.

Toll free: 1.800.665.4499

Local: 1.604.852.8522



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