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Stormwater Management Systems Virtual Meetings

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Interested in Stormwater Management Systems? Now is your chance to talk directly to our experts!

Calling all engineers, geoscientists, civil consultants, project managers or similar!

During the month of October, our Stormwater Management team will be hosting virtual meetings to answer questions you may have about our stormwater products.

These meetings are set up to be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes long and are open to anyone from your team that wants to be a part of the meeting. While we do have loads of presentation materials to show off, we would prefer making the meeting about you.


This means the main focus will be answering any questions you may have about our products. Whether that is a simple, "What is Stormwater Management?" or more complicated questions such as, "What is the maximum depth EcoBloc products can be installed?", all questions are welcome!


The front running product for our stormwater management is our EcoBloc Inspect Smart modules that are used for building detention and infiltration tanks. We fully expect this product will be the of most interest, but we also have other products such as our StormStop Modular Tank Systems, Hydrochain and CB Shield!

To sign up for this event, please head over to our linked page:

And use the register feature. Our team will be in touch shortly for booking!

We look forward to speaking with everyone interested in stormwater management, it is an area BARR as a company is very passionate about, specially being based out of Abbotsford, BC, a place where it rains.

A lot.

The faster we move towards stormwater management being the standard practice at any development the more water we can potentially preserve, and reuse. Not to mention avoiding many of the dangers of stormwater.

If you are new here, the rest of this article will go over some critical parts of stormwater management, just enough to get you started!

What is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater is a term that refers to rainwater or melted snow that makes it onto streets, lawns and other sites. It generally indicates a larger amount of water than your typical rainy day, with potential to cause damage to infrastructure and the environment.

If stormwater can slowly be absorbed into soil, it is naturally filtered and eventually joins the rest of the ground water. Issues occur when stormwater is not able to reach and absorb into soil, or when there is too much water and erodes the soil.

This generally happens due to impermeable surfaces that prevent water from making to regular soil. Surfaces such as roads and sidewalks create run-off. If there is enough stormwater, your city's drainage system may be overwhelmed and flooding can occur.

This is where stormwater management comes in. There are a variety of different methods, BARR uses a wide variety of underground solutions, to store and slowly release stormwater to prevent flooding.

Our most popular product: EcoBloc Inspect Smart

Redesigned last year, our EcoBloc Inspect Smart is the most efficient version of EcoBloc yet.

These modules are meant to receive and store stormwater, while keeping the area above the tank fully functional. One of the most common ways we see this employed is by having a parking lot above the tank, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

We design the size of the tank ourselves, with the help of civil drawings & project requirements. To date, we have supplied products for over 400+ job sites. EcoBloc Inspect Smart Modules are designed with a click-on system, making them extremely easy to install.

You can read more about our EcoBloc modules on our webpage:

Hopefully that sheds some light on stormwater management and the products we provide.

Thanks for reading!

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