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The Most Popular and Unique Products To Handle Different Materials & Products

As part of our recap series for 2022, today we wanted to go over our Material Handling Division, which is one of the most diverse divisions as far as what applications the products are used for.

So, for today, we wanted to go over our list of popular and unique products to handle different materials & products.

Wine Maturation

Producing wine is one of the oldest traditions in human history, dating back to as early as 6,000BC.

As time has passed so have the methods of producing wine as more and more wine makers enter the industry. One of the oldest ways to mature wine is in an oak barrel, which infuses the wine with separate flavors and is generally a process that high end brands seek to keep.

For new age winemakers however, oak barrels are an incredibly expensive investment and generally at a price point that doesn't make sense when scaling their business.

For that reason, our pick for wine maturation are our Flextank Options, the Stacker, Apollo & Orion.

Raw Materials

When it comes to raw materials, i.e., wood, metals, leather, vegetables, fruits, and other products that don't require insulation, there are a wide range of options.

For materials that aren't related to food or water, such as wood and metals, our Big Box Utility Storage Bins and Collapsible Bulk Containers are our high capacity, durable and stackable options that can handle some rather rough conditions. They can be used for both storage and transport.

For materials that are for consumption, such as wine grapes, apples, potatoes, etc., we highly recommend our FDA approved products. They offer incredible durability, easy cleaning, and are compliant with food transport.

Seal Pups (for rehabilitation)

Now this is only applicable if you are marine mammal rescue center, but it's also a great chance for me to show off cute seal pups. Enjoy!

If you'd like to learn more, head over to our Seal Pup Rehabilitation Article.

Water, Chemicals and other liquids compatible with HDPE

One of the best budget options for water, chemical and even some bulk food products, are our IBC Totes. It's good to note that this product is for non-potable water storage/dispensing and come a wide variety of sizes.

Forkliftable and a great in-stock availability, if you need any less than 300USG of storage, these containers are the best way to go.

Products that need to Stay Cold

Lastly, for products like fish or meat, that need to stay cold, we have a wide variety of insulated containers. Many of these units can be used in transport application as well, neatly stacking on top of each other for large shipments.

If you don't know which product is right for you, you're not alone. This division has loads of options and it can get overwhelming very quickly if you are new to bulk product handling.

For this reason, the Material Handling team is always available to help in choosing the product that is right for you.

Just let us know your industry, application and size requirements and our team will come up with suitable options and prices that are right for you. Get in touch today!

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