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Wastewater Division Recap 2022

Continuing with our 2022 recap series, today we will be going over our Wastewater division.

This divisions features both innovative, market leading technology and classic, affordable wastewater solutions. This article will go over our articles & product highlights of 2022.

Picture of a lift water station. Custom made out of a spherical pump tank.

Many of our clients in the wastewater division have seen increasing costs to excavation in the last few years, as is common with many different industries.

Wastewater lift stations are great in these environments as they require minimal excavation when moving wastewater from lower to higher elevations.

Earlier in the year we went over what they are, their components and different styles we offer. From smaller 100 USG custom pump chambers to large, 40,000+ USG fibreglass lift stations are available.

Application is everything for these products, talking with our wastewater experts is the best way to ensure you get the right solution.

Norewesco Low-profile septic tanks stocked in shipping yard.

To start, our most popular residential septic tank line, our septic tanks from Norwesco. These tanks range from 500 to 1500 USG, and any tank above the 500 USG models are CSA approved.

These tanks have seen great success in residential applications for homes with 1-4 inhabitants.

If you are just starting out, we wrote a quick 4 minute guide on how a septic tank works.

Picture of a 2-chamber Klaro Wastewater System out in the stock yard.

Energy consumption is a big topic when it comes to wastewater systems, especially when their traditional version consumes 0 power.

The Klaro system uses sequencing batch reactor lifting technology to treat wastewater, using less power than a traditional energy saving lightbulb. Consuming in total around 43 kWh/year.

Check out one of our posts including a Klaro system we sent out on LinkedIn.

A bit of a crossover item, this is a custom tank for septic applications, our Heated & Insulated Septic Tanks.

Most of these tanks are used in colder climates where temporary holding of waste is necessary. We create the most durable dual-wall containment tanks; able to be transported between sites and fitted with spill prevention technology.

In 2022, many of our Polylok products became available on Amazon. Our plans for 2023, are to have as many of our accessory items available to be able to be purchased completely online.

Our goal is to save our customers as much time as possible at the best price.

Check out our entire catalog of Amazon items here.

And lastly, our PVC plumbing products.

Having these products in-house, saved our customers from having to design and install plumbing to their septic / wastewater projects.

We can create ready-to-go systems, pre-assembled, upon request. Saving you time and money in the long run. Let us know your application, space restrictions and system plans, and we will set everything up for you.

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