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4 Dock Maintenance Tips for 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Picture of a square dock that has been maintained properly. The dock has chairs and a boat beside it.

Dock season is in full swing at BARR Plastics, which means many of you have either already bought your dock building supplies, or (if you want your dock done by summer) are placing your orders very soon. In both scenarios, you will be looking at enjoying your dock for years to come. To do that, docks need to be maintained and cared for to ensure their safety and of course, their aesthetic. In this blog, we'll be going over our top 4 dock maintenance tips for 2022.

1. Inspections

Poorly maintained dock with missing boards.

No matter the environment, your dock does need to be inspected regularly. Regular inspections are essential to keeping everyone that uses your dock safe. The interval in between inspections can change depending on weather conditions but at the very least a monthly inspection should be done. Things you should watch out for when inspection your dock are Wood rot, Warps & Cracks and Rust. Any of these signals a deteriorating dock and repairs should and need to be scheduled.

2. Cleaning

Picture of a person pressure washing a dock as part of regular maintenance.

Cleaning is by far the best preventative measure to dock repairs. While it may be tedious and sometimes take a good chunk of time, future you will thank you for avoiding costly repairs or sometimes, complete removal of your dock. The easiest and most efficient way of cleaning a dock is with a pressure washer. Be careful however, improper use can lead to premature deterioration of your dock from the pressure washer. You are looking to remove any dirt, debris, algae, mildew spots, etc. Take notes as you are cleaning for any parts of the docks that are rusting and/or look like they are starting to wear away.

3. Repairs

Picture of a properly maintained dock. This is an L shape dock with patio furniture on top. Boat and other boating accessories in the water.

Repairing your dock when needed will keep everyone that uses it stay safe and potentially extend the life of your dock. Repairs that are done in a timely manner prevent additional damage from happening in cases such as wood rot. There are a wide variety of small repairs that may need to be done on your dock such as: Sanding and painting steel that is starting to rust. Replacing decking that has been damaged and/or is beginning to deteriorate. Every 4-5 years you will also need to seal your dock if it is not painted. Lastly if you've had your dock a long time, the hardware keeping your dock together may also need to be changed out.

4. Preventing damage

Picture of a Inflatable Dock Bumper. This item can help reduce the need for dock maintenance.

A great way to prevent damage to the corners and sides of your dock is by investing in quality dock edging and bumpers. Commonly made from rubber or plastic, they help when your boat or personal watercraft is moved by the waves around your dock. They also provide a peace of mind when bringing your boat or PWC into the dock, preventing damage to your boat & dock.

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